morning routine

Get up & Stay up

I don't need you falling back asleep, so try this little trick, go brush your teeth once you wake up so you can stay up for the rest of the morning routine😁.

Take your inner bath

Nothing detoxifies you quite as effectively as a glass of room temperature water, first thing in the morning. Try finishing an 8oz glass. It fires up your metabolism, and gives your brain the fuel it needs for optimal performance. Keep the habit up for up to 8weeks and you'll notice your skin glowing better, and you'll feel better all round. Stay hydrated.  

Quick read of the day

Ponder these words. Place yourself in it. I hope it gives you some needed boost for the rest of the day. Psalm 37 vs. 5-6

gym flow

One of the most important things to give you the best result for your time during workout is the attitude with which you approach it. Ask the most elite trainers. Attitude, approach, mental state of mind, not just pre-workout mixes, will make you go further and gain better. Watch this, at least twice. Listen hard and let's get some flow for the WOD. Get motivated

Workout of the day

Be sure to stay hydrated with spring and/or spa water all morning.


note guys: NO breakfast all morning. We're on an intermittent fast.

Read more about intermittent fasts


Afternoon routine

At about 12noon • Meal -Protein rich

Please start with a glass of spring or spa water. And really guys, is it even realistic to make everyone from all parts of the world eat the same thing at the same time? So I've made a list of meal options I classify as 'Protein Rich' from which you can select a preferred breakfast for today depending on what's accessible to you

P.S: I recommend eating a portion that's half of what you'll usually serve yourself

Snack: fats & fibers 

About 2hours later: Eating healthy fats doesn't mean you'll automatically gain fat. Try these options of healthy fats and good fibers between meals. Little portions please.

Mid-day/workplace muscle stretch 

Do this at about 3pm today

Snack: fats & fruits 

It's okay to take in some recovery fruit at about this time in the day. Just so you know, meal time is on the way.

Meal: Veggies & protein 

Pick from this list of food options to nourish your Body with. And yes, half the portion you'd normally eat. Fight the urge to eat more and I promise your body will eventually adjust after a couple days.


evening routine

An Act of kindness 

Coming from work with high stress levels isn't very relaxing for a restful sleep. Let's release some serotonin -the 'feel-good hormone' -and reduce cortisol -the stress hormone -by going out of our way to be kind to someone else. Trust me, you're a connected spirit, soul and body; this off-gym act can improve your wellness. Here are some options of things you can do 

Snack -fats & fibers 

Your last meal or snack should be no later than 8pm. That might sound counter to what you've heard before but this is not too late. Remember, we don't start eating till a little later in the day. I prefer this structure so you can workout in a fasted state. Last snack of the day


  • If the news stresses you out, avoid it. Google only the headlines and watch some comedy
  • Catch up with friends on social. Like your meals, spend only half the time you usually would. We've got goals.
  • Play with the kids, significant other, or family and friends around you. Yes, some of us have to include this on our schedule else, we default to work work work
  • Read a novel. Fiction prefarable. It's not a waste of time.
  • Prep for tomorrow



prep for day 2

to-do list

  • Your sleep will be more restful for you knowing you planned out the next day
  • You'll wake up ready to go with less panic.
  • Doesn't have to be perfect. But thought out
  • It works. I promise.


EArly to Bed, early to rise

  • You've worked hard today and your body is probably not used to this new routine. You deserve the rest
  • The brain can't differentiate tiredness from hunger. That's why you eat more when tired. Why fight the urge to indulge in former unhealthy eating habits when you can sleep it off?
  • You'll be more productive and achieve more with great rest, than you would by staying up longer. Think qualitatively not quantitatively.
  • All the work from the exercises, and the nutrients from the meals, work the most in moments of deep rest. This is when you recover... it's is reward time.
  • Get some rest, mate