morning routine

Get up & Stay up

Weekdays seem to be the busiest, but that's even when the gyms are busiest. Today is Saturday but don't relapse. It's not just any Saturday, it's day 2 of a 21 day journey. So let's clean mouth to help us stay up for the rest of the morning routine😁.

Take your inner bath

Very important. 8 ounce (approximately 24cl; 237ml) is just okay. Stay hydrated.  

Quick read of the day

It pays to workout and take care of yourself. 1Tim 4 vs. 8-10

gym flow

Quitting is easy now. "I have to enjoy the weekend, I'll start my own 21 days later and Henry won't even know". Keep your eye on your goal and do what it takes over and again. Time flies. Before you know it, it's lunch time, and before you know it, the challenge is over. Rise up & do it a thousand times again if you have to

Workout of the day

Be sure to stay hydrated with spring water, lemon, & apple cider vinegar all morning. I know its the weekend, but we're still avoiding booze.


I'm sorry but yeah, intermittent fast is still on. homemade Smoothie, tea, or coffee are allowed 

Read more about intermittent fasts


Afternoon routine

At about 12noon • Meal -Pro-Carb platter

Please start with a glass of spring or spa water. 

Your plate should have one third whole carbs and two thirds protein

P.S: I still recommend eating a portion that's half of what you'll usually serve yourself

Snack: fruits & fibers 

About 2hours later: I recommend preparing and packing your snacks just like you do your main meals. These little foxes (snacks) could easily mess-up what we're building up.

Mid-day/workplace muscle stretch 

If you have kids, do this something fun and outdoor with them in place of this

Snack: healthy fats 

Don't drink "caparison" with the kids, or eat their "cookie". I know it's a weekend but let's stick with the plan😁

Meal: Veggies & protein 

Two thirds vegetables, one third protein. Pick from the food options to nourish your Body with.

And yes again, half the portion you'd normally eat.

evening routine

An Act of kindness 

This is really for you, you know. We can do 21 acts of kindness during this 21 and our world will be better. I see you do it 

Snack -fats & fibers 

Your last meal or snack should be no later than 8pm. That might sound counter to what you've heard before but this is not too late. Remember, we don't start eating till a little later in the day. I prefer this structure so you can workout in a fasted state. Last snack of the day


  • If you have a family, do dinner together
  • Catch up with friends on social. Like your meals, spend only half the time you usually would. We've got goals.
  • Play with the kids, significant other, or family and friends around you. Yes, some of us have to include this on our schedule else, we default to work work work
  • Read a novel. Fiction prefarable. It's not a waste of time.
  • Prep for tomorrow



prep for day 3

to-do list

  • Let's flip the rules, make a list of what you'll not do tomorrow Sunday so you can create time for you 
  • You'll wake up ready to go with less panic.
  • Doesn't have to be perfect. But thought out
  • It works. I promise.


EArly to Bed, early to rise

  • You've played hard today, you deserve the rest
  • The challenge is still on -even on the weekends- so get ready to go to sleep earrrlllyyyy 
  • You'll be more productive and achieve more with great rest, than you would by staying up longer. Think qualitatively not quantitatively.
  • All the work from the exercises, and the nutrients from the meals, work the most in moments of deep rest. This is when you recover... it's is reward time.
  • You'll want to watch the 2018 World Cup Finals, yeah, and not miss a sec because you're dizzy😁
  • Get some rest, mate