It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives; it’s what we do consistently
— Anthony Robins

morning routine

Get up & Stay up

If you're reading this and have been following the routines from this challenge, you see, you lived. I salute you. But before you say "thank you", bathroom please 😁. Let's brush the teeth to keep us wide awake and ready to go.

Take your inner bath

If two thirds of the earth is covered in water, and the earth was made for man who has no gills to swim, then maybe we need to be drinking more water than we currently do. Okay humor aside, drinking water still remains one of the most natural treats you can give your body. Finish a 10oz glass this morning for a clearer brain functions, clearer skin, inner cleansing, better metabolism and more. Stay hydrated.  

Quick read of the day

Ponder these words. Place yourself in it. I hope it gives you some needed boost for the rest of the day. Psalm 37 vs. 5-6

gym flow

Do you wonder why you should go through another day of workout when you don't see results yet? Are you thinking you might never look fit? No no no. Consistency makes all the difference. Watch this video, at least twice. Listen hard and let's get some flow for the WOD. You've got this

Workout of the day


We're still on the intermittent fast guys.

Our meals will be between 1pm-9pm; not before not after. However, you can have some tea (no cream or sugar) in the evening or coffee (no cream or sugar) in the morning during the intermittent fast.

Read more about intermittent fasts


Afternoon routine

At about 1pm • Meal one -Protein rich

I know many of us like rice, bread and many other high carbohydrate food. Carbs are good, necessary in-fact, just not for our goal on this 21 day REAL challenge. You'll be back to them soon😁

P.S: I recommend eating a portion that's half of what you'll usually serve yourself

Snack: fats & fibers 

About 2hours later: Eating healthy fats doesn't mean you'll automatically gain fat. Try these options of healthy fats and good fibers between meals. Little portions please.

office/workplace muscle stretch -2pm(ish)

Take LongWalks.jpg

At about 4pm(ish) -meal 2 Veggies & protein 

You might think the spacing of the meals are too close but not if you're eating in smaller portions. If you feel full, you ate too much. You should feel good, not full. So keep it sizable


evening routine

At about 7pm(ish) -meal 3 Veggies & protein 

Remember portion control. It's okay to have the right amount of snacks in between meals. I'm working on a list of healthy snack options here

Let love  

You might wonder why I'd dare speak of love when the permission you granted me was wellness. Maybe fat-loss to be precise. I don't mean to overstep but to be honest, there is a direct relationship between your emotional fitness and your physical fitness. I'll share details at some other time but may ask today is that you let love calm your nerves, reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels and help your body utilize all the exercises and nutrients gathered today. Got a loved one (friend, sibling, parent, significant other, etc), simply let them know you love them



prep for day 6

to-do list

  • Plan out tomorrow, today. It could be relaxing
  • Doesn't have to be perfect. But thought out
  • It works. I promise.


EArly to Bed, early to rise

  • The goal is to start getting at least 7hours of sleep every night at the end of the challenge. So can you add one hour to your regular sleep time tonight? Let's start from there.
  • By the way, like I said on day 1, the brain can't differentiate tiredness from hunger. That's why you eat more when tired. Why fight the urge to indulge in former unhealthy eating habits when you can sleep it off?
  • Get some rest, mate