He lets me rest in the meadow grass and leads me beside the quiet streams. He gives me new strength...
— psalm 23 vs.2-3

It's rest day

Rest from our workouts, not our meal plans. So still do these

  • Getup and stay up
  • Take your inner bath
  • Stay hydrated.  

rest flow

It's interesting that many fitness or gym instructors tend to talk tough, rough and dirty. I don't mind that at all, but who says thats the only way to walk the path of fitness/wellness is through tough, rough and loud.

I made this YouTube playlist of 9 songs and even though they might not be your preferred genre or style, I include them here to help you relax through the morning. Follow along and I hope it blesses you

Stretch workout of the day


We're still on the intermittent fast.

Our meals will be between and 8-hour period (1pm-9pm); not longer or shorter. However, you can have some tea (no cream or sugar) in the evening or coffee (no cream or sugar) in the morning during the intermittent fast.

Read more about intermittent fasts


office/workplace muscle stretch -2pm(ish)

Let love  

You might wonder why I'd dare speak of love when the permission you granted me was wellness. Maybe fat-loss to be precise. I don't mean to overstep but to be honest, there is a direct relationship between your emotional fitness and your physical fitness. I'll share details at some other time but may ask today is that you let love calm your nerves, reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels and help your body utilize all the exercises and nutrients gathered today. Got a loved one (friend, sibling, parent, significant other, etc), simply let them know you love them



prep for day 7

to-do list

  • Let's keep up the practice
  • And don't forget to include workout. It begins tomorrow


EArly to Bed, early to rise

  • Identify what keeps you up late, share with me and let's find out how to tackle it together because rest births results
  • Get some rest, mate