Hi, I’m Henry Okafor (Henryagain).

I might not have my hands up and eyes closed when you meet me but this image speaks a lot about me. The glee: That’s the relationships I’ve been so blessed with that helps me keep developing into the superhuman that I am. Okay, maybe not like Thor but a really blessed human. There is my bosom friend Jesus, my larger-than-life wife, my mum and siblings, nieces, and close family & friends.

The raised hands: I love to honor people, not from a place of insecurity but because of my security. I’m cheering people on and helping everyone be the best they can. It’s like I live for others. True. And that’s also my posture of worship.

The closed eyes: I’m adventurous and even though I am very analytical, when I have a conviction in my heart I take a leap. Some call it risk, some call it faith, to me it’s just life.

The background: I’m a student of life. Certified Personal Trainer, Studying for my M.Sc. in Counseling for Health & Wellness. I have books to write too, screenplays to create and so much more creative processes to share with you guys.


The open fist: That’s my giving hands. Giving life, hope, encouragement, and every goodness the people in the world need to live their best life today and always.

The clenched fist: Oh! That’s my microphone hand. I host an FM radio show on fitness and lifestyle in Philly, I host a podcast on the same theme, and looking forward to my TV show. I love public speaking and presentations so long as I am telling stories that help people live and be their best.

The biceps: Well, I walk my talk. Haha. I started this walk toward a healthier me in 2002. It’s been a progressive one and I know that I’ve been exposed to so much that if I don’t share, I just might implode.

This is why I created REAL Fitness. I learned that if I could take care of two of my most valuable assets -my body and soul- I could access and activate more of me. There is so much I want to do and much more I believe I was created for. Many times though, I find that I’m always living beneath my abilities and capabilities. I’m sure you would have felt this too. REAL Fitness is modeled around Rest, Exercise, Authentic-food, and Love (REAL). Fitness for us, is a means to a higher end. It is the vehicle through which we can easily access and live out our lives’purpose.

I am positive you’ll like the way you feel, the way you look, and the things you can do if you give this a try. This is not a sales speech by the way.😉

It’s really nice to make your acquaintance.