R = rest

One of the smartest decisions you can make is to build rest into your day. Amongst many health benefits, you’ll get smarter & stronger; live better & longer; with beauty as a bonus. We uncover many ways you can rest your mind and body -sleep, meditation, travel, relaxation, worship, and more.



Exercising your body is a tool you should use to boost your body’s longevity, mood, energy, and productivity. It doesn’t have to be dreadful; if you learn how your body works, you’d know how to work your body and actually enjoy it. Shed fat, build muscles, unlock your wonderwoman & superman.

A = authentic-food

Your body is your buddy. It does more for you than it receives credit for and the least we can do is treat it to meals it understands. Not all things edible is food. Food is fuel; it’s communication with your body. It is medicine. It’s a part of you and you’re not garbage, so select wisely. Know what, when and how to eat. 

L = love

Love is one of the most overused and least understood word in modern vocabulary. You’re not living fully if you’re not loving deeply… daily. Love feeds your soul. It is the fabric from which we were sewn, and the practice through which we will grow. Love makes everything make sense.