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protein rich

Put simply, Protein build your body. Not just your muscles, but organs and hormones inclusive. So this is one meal options to keep as authentic and qualitative as possible. smod magna, eu vehicula tellus feugiat ac. Phasellus accumsan mauris sit amet urna pretium varius.

Whole Eggs -not just the white. scrambled, poached, sunny side up or however. Can be eaten with a slice of Ezekiel Bread toast
Chicken Breast -baked or boiled, not fried. can be combined with other items on this page
Cottage cheese -can be tossed in a bowl of green salad
Tuna fish -can be used in your salad or with some veggies
Tilapia fish -baked, boiled or grilled, not fried. Can be eaten with a vegetable medley
Quinoa (keen-wah) -pound for pound, one of the richest protein foods on the planet. Can be cooked as an alternative to rice or mixed into a salad
Turkey Breast -grilled or baked. Preferably without the skin and not sandwiched in some buns
Shrimp -again, not fried. Can be eaten with quinoa, stir fry or ofada rice meal
Chicken Suya -a Nigerian authentic style of grilling chicken. Replaces the sugary bbq sauces with purely ground pepper, salt and ginger spices
Beans -inexpensive, tasty and can be added to almost any meal. High source of fiber and protein
Egusi Soup (eh-goo-si) -loaded with nutrients when not overcooked and with as little added oil as possible. See more benefits of pumpkin seed here


Not all carbs are born equal.n We'll call the good guys 'whole carbs', and the bad guys 'refined carbs'. Generally carbs are heavy colic foods and are great for giving energy after being converted to sugar. They also lead to fat storage when the sugar isn't expended as energy. Whole carbs sent get converted to sugar so quickly so they don't lead to quick fat storage. Whole carbs like yams and vegetables, are unprocessed, refined cabs like white bread and white rice (fyi-rice isn't naturally white), are processed. Eat less of them these 21 day period though

Ezekiel Bread -one of the best replacements for store brands white and whole wheat bread. It's made from whole sprouted grains with no added sugar. Learn more
Tubers -Yams and potatoes.
Plantain -Grilled, boiled or baked. Avoid/limit the fried version
Eba & Garri Ijebu -eba with okra soup; garri Ijebu without added sugars.
Grains -so long as they're truly whole like oats, brown rice, and quinoa
Ofada rice -one of the purest forms of rice. Be careful of the stones.


Of all three macro nutrients (Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat),  fats are the most dense in calorie. It's got a lot of bad rap over the years largely due to misguided generalization. There are trans, unsaturated, mono & poly unsaturated fats and they're all different in how our body uses them. I'll limit this page to what's good for us 

Egg yolk -include this in your egg meals for more nutrients
Salmon -high in healthy omega 3 fatty acid.
Avocado Aenean tristique id nulla.
Dark Chocolate (at least 70% cacao) -Very high in fats but packs lots of antioxidant it even outranks blueberries. Improves heart health. Can be thrown into your salad.
Extra virgin olive oils -preferably the ones in dark bottles
Coconuts & Cocnut oils -are about the richest source of saturated oils on the planet. Substitute your salad dressing with this tase delight
Authentic, full-fat greek yogurt -has the added benefits of probiotics to it


Just think roots, stems, and leaves of plants and you get a sense of what veggies are. It doesn't more authentic and no amount of labelling or marketing is required for you to know that these are good for you

Broccoli -rich in protein and filling fiber. Helps you eat less
Spinach -use in smoothie, efo-riro, egusi, salads, or simply juice it
Kale -use in smoothie, efo-riro, egusi, salads, or simply juice it
Asparagus -can be made into a stir fry with shrimp and lemon juice
Arugula -great mix into your salad bowl
Cabbage -great option for Cole slaw and stir fries
Okra -low calorie, high dietary fibre food. Make fish soup with this vegetable to mix eba, or brown rice
Mushrooms -don't think pizza now. This packs tons of nutrient and can be used on your stir fry, vegetable soup, or efo-riro