Forever Young

Do you really want to live forever young? What is it about birthdays, or the reminders that we are getting older, that gets us scared, worried, and sometimes depressed?

I start the show with the sad story of Brooke Greenberg, a girl who was born in Maryland with a condition diagnosed as 'Syndrome X'. Brooke lived for only 20years and the tallest she ever got to was about 30inches, and the heaviest she weighed was about 16lb. At age 12, her brain was said to be like that of a 9month old child. Brooke was not growing. Imagining the trauma her parents must have gone through and the struggles Brooke herself might have had just breaks my heart. If we got what we wished for, to live forever young, we might not really want it; except you're Snow-White. But there is a way out; a way to extend the length and quality of your life; a way to make sure that your birthdays are no longer reminders of you getting close to dying or whatever it is about old age that scares you. You're going to love this one.

I talk about what Dan Buettner refers to as the blue zones. Place in the world where people get to live on the average of 100+ in good health. Learn what they eat, and how they live and move in this ground-breaking episode

Mirror (Mirror on the wall) by Chase Goehring