How to Make Love Happen for You

Making Love Happen for you.png

Love is always in the air; whether it's Valentine's Day, a birthday, or a bad day. So let's talk about it. Who is responsible for making you feel loved and full of love? Can your boo or significant other be everything for you? How can you keep your love tank full? With interesting stories, Omonike takes you on a journey into her life. From her childhood to her education, and how she lives a life full of love even though she’s unmarried at an age that society expects every lady to have been married. I had some tough questions that made parts of the conversation deep and personal, other times we laughed a lot, and at the end she agrees to say a prayer for people to find fulfillment in life. We hope this is valuable to you. Thanks for taking out the time to listen in. To stay up to date with future episodes, please subscribe on iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher. Thank you and keep it REAL.