PRE workout plan for a Beautiful Body at the Beach or Backyard

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This episode opens with a clip from the true life based movie, "The boy who harnessed the wind". This is Chiwetel Ejiofor's directorial debut in which he also starred. The persistence of the main character, William, is what makes this a perfect opener to this episode.

Trying to work your body into a shape that you want could be really challenging especially because there is no frame of reference to how long it takes to see results, life challenges come and we get off track, and the routine you need to adhere to for this desired goal could be boring.

 My goal with this episode is to set a backdrop, a pre-requisite that you will need to settle to help you succeed on your journey to a beautiful body (it doesn't matter if you need it for the beach or backyard).

I'll be sharing 3 tips that are framed as questions with keywords that form the acronym PRE

  1. What's the Point? Why do you really want to get healthier and more fit? If you do not have a strong reason why, you will easily fall off the journey to your desired goal. 

  2. What's the Routine? This process takes a while and you are better off making this your lifestyle rather than just aiming at a goal. To say that certain healthy practices have become your lifestyle, they will have to be routines. You would not have to think to rest well, hit the gym or eat your greens. It'll be what you just do. Routine. Lifestyle. And to be honest, the developmental stages can be very boring.

  3. What's the Enjoyment? But it does not have to be. I share two tips you can employ to help you enjoy the process of developing the lifestyle that will give you the body (or whatever the fitness goal) you desire.

    1. Practice Interest Bundling. Find things that you already like doing -reading audio books, listening to podcasts, discovering new music,- that you can bundle with gym time; or catching up on games and reality TV that you can bundle with meal prep time. The idea is to bundle activities that you are interested in and that can co-exist with your new lifestyle activities so you can have something to look forward to

    2. Prune your priorities. As you cultivate new habits, some old ones might need to be cut back. You'll be setting yourself up for success by not choking on a cluttered life. Make space the new you and see your satisfaction reach new heights you only dreamed of.njoy!

Links to sources and resources mentioned in this episode:

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

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