Yo! Real Talk...

I lay it all out. Unscripted, unstructured, from my heart to yours, to help you get back on track to your fitness goals, or the New Year's resolution you made 4 months earlier. I know we all fall of track, life chokes us out of our grove and patterns, we give up exercising, rest and balanced diets, and often times, we find it difficult to get back on our intended rhythm.

After you've set goals and made plans, how do you create space to help you follow through and actually acquire the goals. The first of two points is to learn how to say a graceful and good "No". I highlight different ways on how you can do this.

The second point is to learn how to get back in the zone. I share the music I listen to, the books I read and a few people I follow on Instagram to inspire me back on my track.