Sick Packs on Sick


Looking good is good business; and one of the body parts that makes us feel less confident about our appearance is our abdominal region. It's also one of the most difficult parts to tame. It is so disobedient. Lol. While it is nice to learn how to get it tamed, and we share tips on the show, it is important to also work at looking good inwardly.

My guest, who's also an athlete, shares about how close he got to depression in spite of looking "sexy" and how counseling helped him come around.

When we are unable to take care of some of the less tangible issues we deal with internally, it can deter us from all our physical fitness and lifestyle goals -including getting a six pack.

If you've been out of your workout rhythm for a while, we talk about how you can get yourself back on track

There is also a lot of high light reels from pop culture that we see on social media that our real lives situations cannot measure up with. Instagram stunts are a real thing. Lol